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Sometimes a group has to decide which direction to take, how to keep the peace and still thrive. The following new poem calls on this type of experience, set in a psychological landscape.

Between the ribs a forest dwells
not just a beating heart
a vine-strewn wood

with the odd star-flower
and fern fronds unfolding
in twilight’s tangled lace

You’d think experience a GPS
or else your dreams could light
the way but you’ve never quite

set foot here before and
sunset’s streaks of color
dissolve in depths of blue

across the possible paths
so that when another asks
what you  mean to do

all you think to do you do—
you take the hand and
turn your breath to prayer

Kathleen McCoy

About Kathleen McCoy

I'm a poet, a professor, a mother, a wife, a bit of an activist, a lover of the word at http://kathleenmccoy.wordpress.com. Poetry books include Ringing the Changes (Finishing Line Press, 2019), Green and Burning, Glas Agus a Dho (Word Tech, 2016) and More Water Than Words (chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2017). Books are available from the publishers or Amazon, or order from your local bookseller.
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