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New Sites

Formerly Poetry for Peace, this site is now dubbed Poetry for Peace and Justice. You might also be interested in the administrator’s poetry blog. Click here for The Real McCoy.  

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The Slim Blade

I’ve been writing meditative poetry for years. In these poems I try to convey a sense of spiritual struggle all seekers share. Here’s the most recent product of this quest: Along the slim blade that divides time from timelessness, a … Continue reading

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I Believe (Redux)

All writers believe in revising, and all the new bloggers I’ve encountered worry about putting themselves “out there,” so I’m supporting my fellow newbies with a first revision of my post from two days ago–strikeouts and all. I am taking … Continue reading

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Can Poetry Console Us?

In the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, I am left, yet again, pondering the question of if and how poetry can console us in the aftermath of publicly felt violence. I find myself looking for a virtual microphone to … Continue reading

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